Friday, November 19, 2010

Google AdSense Gets a New and More Efficient Look

New user interface is designed to give Web publishers who use AdSense better controls and easier access to features.

Advertising, the life-blood of so many websites, is not nearly as effective if it's not managed and placed to optimal effect. Google's AdSense is one of a number of services that help websites manage ad traffic at their sites as well as the revenue that comes from those ads.

Now, as Ecommerce Guide reports, Google's redesigned AdSense sports a new user interface, giving customers easier access to features and better control over what ads appear and when.

Google has unveiled a new interface to its AdSense service for Web publishers that the company says is easier to use and adds a number of control and management features.
The updated AdSense is being rolled out today -- in more than 30 languages 

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