Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mozilla launches 2010's last Firefox 4 beta

Mozilla Logo
Originally slated to appear last month, then delayed until December, Beta 8 of the open-source browser first appeared today, a day later than planned, on Mozilla's official download site & as updates for existing preview users.

Mozilla Wednesday shipped Firefox 4 Beta 8, the last preview it will release this year before it makes a run toward a final version in 2011.

Google Chrome version 6 is more Faster

Chrome 6

The sixth version of Google Chrome which debuted on September 3 - the stable version for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux is hailed as 17% faster than the previous version, Chrome 5. The reference score obtained by the support of Computerworld, makes chromium 6, faster version of a browser with Javascript functions. 

According to the report, chromium 6 is treading a bit behind the leaders on the speed of the browser - Opera and Safari latest version, Opera and Safari 10.61 5.

Chrome director of product management, Rakowski said the value of speed performance in implementation, and as a value what Google, said the speed really matters.

As you press the sprint with Opera, Safari and Chrome closely linked, and Mozilla Firefox beta 4, also left waiting, with only 29% away from the evaluation of Chrome speed - maybe it can mean another war browsers, given the release date of Microsoft IE9, September 15. The development preview IE9 were competitive with Opera, Safari and Chrome on testing JavaScript. 
And Mozilla plans on the-other-side includes that the next version of Firefox runs to score in 20% of chromium 5, the version of Google Chrome in SunSpider above.