Monday, December 27, 2010

PAN Card for NRI’s

Non-resident individuals and organisations charge to accept a Permanent Account Cardinal (PAN) cardinal if they accept an assets and charge to book allotment in India. PAN is issued by the Assets Tax (IT) Administration to all assessees and commendation of PAN is compulsatory in all allotment filed with the IT department.
The PAN cardinal comprises of ten alphanumeric characters and is issued in the anatomy of a laminated card. A PAN agenda is appropriate for both citizen as able-bodied as non-resident assessees. In case of non-resident assessees, there are a few accessory changes in the requirements for an application.
A citizen of India residing outside India at the time of request 

It is not a citizen of India, ie, foreign 

Besides individual (a company, trust, firm, etc) - not a citizen of India - who have no office in India.

Intex to launch India's cheapest Android phone in February 2011

intex andriod
Intex reportedly announced the launch of its Android smartphone in the first week of February 2011, priced at Rs. 5500. Just as we wonder about his unexpected entry into the mobile phone market a few months ago, it seems that Intex is determined to establish its market share in the lucrative market of Android mobile phones.

HTC to barrage HTC Mozart and Desire HD in India soon

This is great news for all fans of HTC and high-end smartphone users alike, as it seems, HTC has announced the launch of HTC HD HTC Mozart and desire in India. The Mozart HTC phone will run on the Windows 7 platform, while the desire to work in HD HTC Android 2.2 (Froy) Sense HTC UI platform. The HTC Mozart is estimated to cost around Rs. 30,000 in the time of its release in India. WP7 first device found in India e-tailers was also an HTC device, the HTC HD7, when introduced Flipkart and other online retailers earlier this month. 

How to Restore Deleted contacts in Gmail

Gmail Tips & Tricks

Sometimes people accidentally delete some useful contacts after sending the email that you may need in the future. In that case, people think of as the way of the old school who, after eliminating its continuation, is gone forever. After searching and adding more useful contacts is really a long and boring for anyone. But if you're a Gmail user, then a new feature to the restoration of contacts will help you a lot. 

Suppose you accidentally deleted some contacts or group of contacts from your Gmail contacts or delete the contact details of your Gmail account while synchronizing to another device. Do not have to worry. As back up your Gmail account, Gmail's new feature allows you to instantly return to your contact list and undo the mistakes made up to 30 days in the past.

Domain Availability Check


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