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Sunday, November 14, 2010

What do you mean by GOLD EFT ?

Gold EFT
If you will notice that the gold prices always goes up. It may come down for some time but agian will go to the new highest point. According to the statistics, India is the largest consumer for the precious yellow metal Gold. That is the reason gold market is always doing good in India. This article explores few basic idea on how to trade the gold as like in the share market. That is called as Gold Exchange Traded Fund(ETF). It will be useful for the investors who want the highest returns for their investment.

How to buy Gold Eft ?

It is same like you are trading the shares in the stock market, you will be trading the gold using the demat account in online. Instead of buying the physical gold, you will be buying the gold in papers.
To trade gold ETF, you must have an demat account. How you are buying the shares, in the same way you will buy the gold in units. For example, if you are investing Rs.20000, then the gold will be alloted in units for Rs.20000. Here each unit represents one gram of gold. It will be alloted in the current market value of the gold.