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Friday, December 31, 2010

Facebook surpassed Google for the first time as the most visited website in the United States for most of 2010

The social networking site surpassed with 8.9 percent of all visits to U.S. between January and November 2010, while was second with about 7.2 percent of all visits, according to measurement service Hitwise Experian online.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Stay safe on social networking sites

Some things to consider to stay safe on social networking sites:

1. The more information you put on yourself, the more vulnerable it could be. So choose what you want to put up. But some things are no better than to put up at all. Your address, telephone numbers and bank account or credit card numbers, for example. If someone asks for it, not give it out without thinking about it. If you are uncomfortable about sharing some information, not share it.

2. If all your friends are in some cool new SN site, that does not mean you have to join the dark too. Find out how it works, and the level of security and privacy allowed. Review the privacy policies of sites is part of what you know whom to report if abuse occurs online.

3. Be sure to read through the policies and understand how information made available is likely to be used. How does the site handle referrals? Is the ID of your friends will be delivered to the other, which could include potential spammers?

4.Can and strangers visit your site, or has options to control access? Start with controlled access to your information and also just people he knows, and when you feel comfortable with how the site works, you can explore loosening some controls. 

5. Save a snapshot of the web is as easy as a right click. An evil can easily change any photo editing tool. So think twice before putting your photos on a page SN.

6. Do not believe everything that people in their websites. It can not be what it says. So if you do not know, it's best to avoid friendship with them.

7. Flirting is fun, but can result in problems. Think twice about flirting with strangers and refrain from talking about sex online. Remember that sex offenders browser SN sites and chat rooms in search of prey. 

8. Be wary if a new online friend wants to know. Make sure your meeting in a public place during the day and take along a friend or relative with you.

9. If you ever feel threatened by anyone online or something, talking with friends, family or colleagues and inform the police if necessary.

10. Do not always run applications and fun stuff is distributed in the SN site. They may be viruses or Trojans that can damage your computer or data on it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook Valued Higher Than eBay, Now Third Largest Web Company

Facebook is  ranked as the third largest web company, with an estimated valuation of USD 41 billion which is greater than EBay.

According to Bloomberg, the social network slatest valuation, based on the selling price of shares on SecondMarket, an exchange for privately held companies, makes it the country's third-largest online business after Google  (USD 192.9 billion) and Amazon (USD74.4 billion).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Facebook launch E-Services

Facebook is a social network service, are going to launch E-mail services soon like Google,Yahoo and Microsoft.It will look like